Founders' WELCOME

Founders' WELCOME

As soon as your child enters to MINIBOSS, he or she becomes part of an educational innovation that was created in 2000 and practiced all over the world for young national elites who will grow the glory of nations.

As World’s only Business School for kids & teens, MINIBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL embraces a distinctive form of gamed business education, which places formation of the whole person at the center of all learning.

Our youth grows not only intellectually increasing the amount of knowledge, but also grows qualitatively - they learn to turn their theoretical academic potential into real success, learn to develop all eight intellects of a leader, learn to reveal their spiritual and leadership potential, offering their talents for the benefit of other people and society in in general. All this greatness of personality is created by the unique MINIBOSS academic model, consisting of 8 courses and 12 types of practice.

As a well-known international business school for youngest we have invented the five elements of World-Class Business Education:

  • MINIBOSS Global Curriculum (8 Courses),
  • Personal Course Books for learning and tracking the results,
  • Business Incubator & Accelerator for Skills Formation (12 types of practice),
  • MINIBOSS 8Qs Method for unleashing full potential of each student,
  • Global startup events for showcase and competition of nations' intellectual leaders.

We want our pupils to discover personal excellence, developing a delight in learning within a caring and respectful environment.

We look to instil a strong set of moral values through the teachings of the True Innovative Leadership, which we hope will encourage pupils to look beyond themselves and use their education to make a difference in the wider world.

We encourage our young students not to be afraid to start their journey with personal mistakes and achievements, which we hope will be an exciting adventure that we will share in partnership with our strong educational, parental and entrepreneurial community.

We want each of our pupils to have the opportunity to carve out their own, unique MINIBOSS story.

Thousands of our graduates around the world have already become successful entrepreneurs and successors of glorious family dynasties.

As a founding family, we are proud of our alumni and look forward to your joining the large global MINIBOSS family!

Welcome to the world of success and happiness!

Olga and Andrii Azarov,